Thursday, February 22, 2018

Our 2018 District-wide, Youth Art Month opening date has been rescheduled to ~ 

March 14th, 5 - 7pm 

Harrington Artists chosen for our 
~ 2018 Youth Art Month Show ~

K - Ryan Gladius 
K - David Mathew

G1 -  Camilla Marsach
G1 - Brenna Ayoub 

G2 - Ben Friesner 

G3 - Sara Bannerman

G4 - Brianna Cairns 

G4 - Max Russo

2nd Grade "Art Dolls"
Trevor Bates, Isabella DeOliveira, Sophia Lin, Tristan Silva, Amber Talbot

Family Reception at Adams Library 
March 14th from 5 - 7pm 
(Refreshments will be served!) 

I hope everyone can find time to stop by the Adams Library during the month of March to see inspiring work from all grade levels throughout our Chelmsford schools! 

Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Tasty Treats from Third Grade - Wayne Thiebaud Style! Yum!

Stop by our Harrington Cafe for some tasty bakery treats!

"Cupcakes" by Wayne Thiebaud

"Cupcakes" is one of my favorite paintings. The color pulls me in every time!
Our third grade bakers have busy making cakes ~ Wayne Thiebaud style! Yum! 

Stop back soon for more treats to tickle your taste buds!

"American Gumbo" with Wayne Thiebaud 

Sunday, January 21, 2018

Trophy Fish - 1st Grade

Trophy Fish

- First Grade -Marker drawn, Paper stuffed,
Board mounted and Gold plated!

     Students used Color Switcher Markers to play with pattern and abstraction in designing an imaginary fish. They began with pencil, then colored with marker and cut them out with a backing paper.

     It was tricky for these 6 year olds to manage stapling around the edges of their fish and stuffing them, but they did a fabulous job!

     We observed the wood grain on our table before using construction paper crayon to simulate a wood textured back board.

     The final touch was our gold plate - printed with the descriptive names we gave our fish! 


Goldy Fish


Cupcake Sprinkles

Red Jaw Fish


Thursday, January 18, 2018

Harrington Entries for the MAEA State-wide Art Show - Boston

Congratulations to our Harrington artists for their fine artwork,
which was selected for the
Mass Art Education Association 
state-wide art show in Boston!

Riley Bridge - G4 "Tessellating Birds" -  Collage
Brian Morris - G3 "Mud Cloth Creature"
Mixed Media
Johnathon Yu - G3 "Trompe l'oeil Desktop" - Mixed Media
Emily Turner - G2 "Kusama Pumpkins" - Drawing
Keela Ford - G1 "Woven Lines" - Mixed Media
Chiraayush Ahire - K "Colorful Owl Collage"
Mixed Media

Thursday, October 26, 2017

Grade 4 - Center of Interest, Repetition and Balance

 Grade 4 

Studying "Center of Interest"
with simple 1 point perspective
~ In other words, Focal Point
Where shall we direct the viewer to look first? 

Materials - Colored pencil, Crayon, Ruler, Black Sharpie, Texture Plates.
 Here are some of our wonderful finished compositions:


Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Pattern exploration in 2nd Grade 
Inspired by Yayoi Kusama

Yayoi with Pumpkin, 2010, Japan


     We studied the artist Yayoi Kusama. She is sometimes referred to as the Polka-dot Artist. She doesn't always use polk-dots, but all her work is highly patterned, which is why I chose her as my inspiration for this lesson.
     Our students all started by drawing one pumpkin - step-by-step using a pencil. Once they got the hang of it, many more were added. We used organic shapes for our pumpkins, and used geometric pattern in our background.
     I was delighted to see all the wonderfully creative responses of our students!