Saturday, February 20, 2016

Youth Art Month - State and District

MARCH is Youth Art Month

We are so lucky to have opportunities to show student artwork at various shows throughout the year. Chelmsford participates in two Youth Art Month shows during the month of March:

Massachusetts Art Education Association sponsors it's state-wide YAM show at the State Transportation Building in Boston through the end of March. The family celebration for chosen artists will be held on Sunday, February 28th! Here are the beautiful artworks for display in Boston!

MAEA Youth Art Month Artists: Abigail Kenyon, Katherine Lesire, Luke Murray, Hadley Myler, Kyle Pinto, Ryan Spooner.


Abby Kenyon's "Urban Birds" print has earned national recognition from the Massachusetts Art Education Association. Her work will be representing Massachusetts as our Grade 2 Artist at the National Art Education Association conference in Chicago this March! 

Congratulations Abby!

Chelmsford District-wide Youth Art Month Show opening will be at the Adams Library on the evening of March 2nd and will be on view until the end of March. I hope you enjoy this sneak peek of our Harrington selections!

3rd Grade Totems

3rd Grade - Clay Totem's – Ella C - Elephant, Quentin C - Bird, Ava F - Lion, Julia F - Owl, Jason K - Eagle, Michael L - Sparrow, Cassidy L - Pig, Shreya M - Duck, Casey M - Bird, Jiah M - Bird, Khlahann N - Bird, Addison R - Bird, Ellora S - Octopus, Maryann T - Cat, Isabella T - Bird, Abhishek V - Bird  

2D Work – Brent C, K - Kandinsky Tempera Painting, Elsa B, G1 - Crayon Resist Castle, Pavan K T, G2 - Ceramic Fish, Emme T, G2 - Ceramic Fish, Margaret L, G3 - Oil Crayon Picasso Face, Jessica J, G3 - Mixed Media - Munch, Liam M, G4 - Pastel Picasso Rooster, Xavier M-R, G3 - Mixed Media Munch

3D Mixed Media Masks, G4 – Sharad P, Victoria T, Josiah R, Kemly S, Clara V

G3 Cubism - Oil Crayon
G3 - Mixed Media, inspired by Edvard Munch's "The Scream"
G1 Castle - Crayon Resist
G4 Picasso Rooster - Pastel

GK Kandinsky - Tempera

2nd Grade - Clay Fish with beads
G4 Mask - Mixed Media

G4 Mask - Mixed Media
G4 Mask - Mixed Me
G4 Mask - Mixed Media
G4 Mask - Mixed Media  

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