Friday, May 27, 2016

Harrington Annual Art Show

A big  Thank You  goes to the HPTO, and all the families,
friends and coworkers who assisted with the art show this year! 

Thanks also to Hailey and Fanny,
Ryan and Steven
(my high school assistants)
and Satara! 

An art show of this size couldn't happen without 
all your help from start to finish! 

I'm truly blessed to work with our Harrington community!

Each Third Grade created a sea mural with textured, foil sea creatures. 

Ms. Graham's Ceramic - Totem Animals
Mixed 3rd Grade Ceramic - Totem Animals
Ms. Trainor's Ceramic Totem Animals

Ms. Mathew's Ceramic Totem Animals 
Ms. Kowalik Ceramic - Totem Animals
1st Grade Castle Drawing, Painting with Texture
Kindergarten Rainbow Birds

Kindergarten Self-Portrait using a Mirror
3rd Grade Color Cubism - Picasso! 


4th Grade Ceramic Sea Creature - Octopus 
4th Grade Ceramic Sea Creature - Turtle



A spectacular sea themed selfie board was created
by CHS artist, Fanny Riand.

Please stop back for more photos soon!

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