Thursday, October 26, 2017

Grade 4 - Center of Interest, Repetition and Balance

 Grade 4 

Studying "Center of Interest"
with simple 1 point perspective
~ In other words, Focal Point
Where shall we direct the viewer to look first? 

Materials - Colored pencil, Crayon, Ruler, Black Sharpie, Texture Plates.
 Here are some of our wonderful finished compositions:


~ A tessellation is when a repeated tile covers a surface with no gaps or overlaps ~
Materials: 4" square tag board for creating tile, Scissors, Tape, Construction paper, Glue, Sharpie. 

Once our tiles were created, we used our imagination to give meaning to our shapes (rather than deciding first what kind of creature we would make). I call this "getting to our imagination through the back door!" We used "economy of line" to direct the viewer to our most important details. We also used repetition and balance as devises to keep the viewer's attention. Some students found a delightful way to create more than one creature with their tile!

Here are a few excellent examples! 

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