Monday, April 16, 2018

Grade 2 Explores the Color Wheel while creating one of their own!

 C ol  or 

Fun in the Art Room with Grade 2

How about learning color in song, video and play dough manipulation! Our 2nd graders can now identify their primary colors after learning our "Primary Song", but we also learned our secondaries by mixing two primaries and placing them correctly on a color wheel. We watched this YouTube video to engage and motivate all learners 

The Color Song 
"Primary, primary, Red, Yellow, Blue,
All the other colors are made from you!

Secondary, secondary Orange, Green and Purple,

Place them in-between - we can make a big circle!

Color wheel, color wheel around we go,

All that luscious color makes the rainbow! 

I devised a way to show my students that our water color pallets are in the order of the color wheel. The beads above are cut from pool noodles. 

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