Monday, April 16, 2018

Mask Making as Abstraction, Invention and Expression - Grade 4

Mask Making in Fourth Grade 

One of my favorite lessons in the year is mask making with my fourth graders! It's hard to describe the creative atmosphere in the art room when all my students are engaged in their own sculptural creations using paper pulp, paint and all the other materials at hand in my cupboards. So much fun for me! 

I was especially impressed this year by the wide range of solutions to the problem presented. I told my students that they had to change the "form" of their paper mold in some way. Simple! The beauty of this material is that students can proceed at their own skill level while finding success in self-expression. Motivation for this project began with "Masks of Many Cultures" DVD. 

We worked on studio habits of mind by experimenting with lots of different possible solutions, being diligent with craftsmanship and being sensitive to knowing when to stop.

Here are a few of our wonderful creations! 

We would love to hear any comments you'd like to share! 

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